Stanistaw Jesensrg
S1 01 Stanistaw Jesensrg
Stanistaw Jesensrg in Episode 1.
Status Alive
Origin Certain Eastern European country
Affiliations Certain Eastern European country's air force
Occupation Air force officer
Manga debut Chapter 2
Anime debut Episode 1

Colonel Stanistaw Jesensrg is an officer in the air force of a certain Eastern European country who made a deal with C. K. Kloshkin to purchase Hind-Ds. In the manga this officer was never named but was given a name in the anime.


Jesensrg is fair skinned man with short fair hair and wears an air force uniform. In the anime he appears younger and has dark brown hair.


Gunmetal, Calico Road ArcEdit

Following Koko Hekmatyar's successful recovery of MiG-29 upgrades which had been held up in port, C. K. Kloshkin tried to take advantage of the situation by selling the air force of another country in the region 15 Hind-Ds. An unnamed officer in the air force of a certain Eastern European country agreed to the deal and later met with Tojo and Valmet when Koko dispatched them to negotiate canceling the shipment. The officer claimed to be more of a dove than his comrades and stated that it would be possible, but difficult to cancel the Hind shipment because of Koko's earlier actions with the MiGs. Tojo then called Koko and she instructed him to play the anti-aircraft card. Further negotiating resulted in the cancellation of the purchase agreement with Kloshkin. Tojo called Koko to update her on the situation and she let Kloshkin discover via phone that his deal had fallen through in real time just before she signaled Jonah to execute him.

Anime and manga differencesEdit

01 079 Officer

The officer in Chapter 1.

  • Neither the officer's name or rank were given in the manga, but he was given the rank of colonel and indirectly named in the anime when his name was shown on the contract.
  • In the manga Jesensrg crosses out his name, which is shown to begin with a J, to cancel in the contract. In the anime he crosses out Kloshkin's name to cancel it.


  • Neither of Jesensrg's names are real, possibly an attempt to hint at his origins without referring to a specific country. Stanistaw is a reference to Stanislav, a very old Slavic origin given name, meaning someone who achieves glory or fame.