Munmungand 3

Munmungand 3 (ムンムンガンド 3 Munmungando 3?) is the third installment of the Munmungand series.


Valmet tells Lutz that although he is too young for her, if he can tag her with the tip of a rubber knife she will spend the day impersonating a dog that is fond of him. Lutz vows to Jonah that he will tag Valmet's breasts to make them jiggle, but Jonah is not impressed. However Lutz is unable to touch Valmet and she is able to grab him by the legs and force him down, pulling his pants down and smacking his bare butt with her knife. He hears laughter and is relieved that at least Jonah is amused, but the source of the laughter is revealed to be Koko Hekmatyar.