04 094 Kuroto
Kuroto in Chapter 21.
Status Alive
Origin Country B
Affiliations Country B Foreign Relations Committee
Occupation Politician
Manga debut Chapter 21

Kuroto (クロト Kuroto?) is a member of the Country B Foreign Relations Committee, which was involved in the selection of which UAV the country's military would choose. He only appears in the manga.


Kuroto is a fair skinned man with close-cropped dark hair and a mustache and beard. He wears glasses and a suit.


Mondo Grosso ArcEdit

After Koko Hekmatyar arrived at the Country B embassy in London she was greeted by Kuroto before noticing Amalia Torohovsky.

Anime and manga differencesEdit

In the anime Koko did not talk with anyone after arriving at the embassy before she met Amalia.

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