Jormungand Perfect Order Original Soundtrack
Perfect Order OST
Artist Taku Iwasaki
Label Geneon Universal Entertainment
Catalog no. GNCA-1336
Length 64:32
Release date December 21, 2012
Episodes Season 1

The Jormungand Perfect Order Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack for Season 2 of the anime. It was composed by Taku Iwasaki and released by Geneon Universal Entertainment on December 21, 2012 just before the final episode of Perfect Order.

Track listEdit

No. Title Artist Length
1 L'ambition mélodique IGOR 3:33
2 Gentle enemy Taku Iwasaki 2:15
3 Jormungand - cruel mix Yutaka Fukuoka 3:02
4 Memories of full moon Taku Iwasaki 2:32
5 Funny jewelry Taku Iwasaki 2:53
6 Training Taku Iwasaki 2:36
7 Explain music Taku Iwasaki 2:47
8 Sense of crisis Taku Iwasaki 2:43
9 BookMan Taku Iwasaki 2:39
10 R Taku Iwasaki 2:40
11 Sex with Hex Taku Iwasaki 3:04
12 Impatience Taku Iwasaki 2:21
13 The first step to escape from complex Taku Iwasaki 5:55
14 Meu mund amor (piano ver') Taku Iwasaki 2:51
15 Phakcii&Hamburger Taku Iwasaki 2:04
16 Hinoki Taku Iwasaki 2:50
17 Convoy Taku Iwasaki 3:11
18 F**k it! Taku Iwasaki 4:01
19 Boy's reason Taku Iwasaki 2:56
20 Your rainbow Caoli Cano 3:35
21 Time to attack - fancy dress mix Taku Iwasaki 3:54

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