Chapter 20
Chapter 20 title page
Volume: 4
Story arc Air Route Arc
Episode Episode 7
Total pages 11
Released 2007
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Air Route (空路 Kūro?) is the 20th chapter of the manga and the only chapter of the Air Route Arc.

Koko's Squad arrives in London Heathrow Airport.

Title pageEdit

Mao and Koko Hekmatyar in London Heathrow Airport.


In Heathrow Koko tells Mao that it stings that their Volvo was left back in South Africa in Port Elizabeth. Mao sees this as a fair tradeoff as they came off relatively unscathed with only two injuries and Koko quickly agrees, suggesting that he console Ugo, who has been disconsolate all morning. Mao tries to do this, but fails. When Jonah passes through a metal detector he sets it off and an officer asks him if he is carrying anything metallic. Jonah responds that he has a bullet in his butt and is supported in this by Lutz and Koko. A passenger waiting behind Valmet complains about the delay caused and after Koko apologises to him Valmet turns around and grabs him by the mouth, forcing him to his knees and threatening him if he is such a rush. Koko tells Lehm to do something, but he thinks it is funny.

Afterwards the squad talks about what happened, with Valmet defending her actions because Jonah was picked on. R asks why Jonah does not get the bullet extracted since it would be a simple procedure, but he replies that he is afraid of the injection, causing everyone to face fault.

Anime and manga differencesEdit

  • A Lufthansa jet is shown taxiing past the terminal but with a modified tail logo.
  • The Volvo is shown for much longer.
  • Ugo's posture when Koko points out that he is depressed over the car's loss is different. Mao is shown shaking him.
  • Jonah has his arms raised over his head when he is getting wanded.
  • The sequence of the squad face faulting is different.