Artist Nagi Yanagi
Label Geneon Universal Entertainment
Catalog no. GNCA-0240
Length 4:39
Episodes Season 1 (except for Episode 4)

"Ambivalentidea" is Nagi Yanagi's second single and is the ending theme song for Season 1 except for Episode 4, where it is replaced by "Shiroku Yawaraka na Hana", also sung by Yanagi. It was released on June 6, 2012.[1] The single also includes "Shiroku Yawaraka na Hana" and "halo effect" and instrumental versions of all three songs.

The title is a portmanteau of the words "ambivalent" and "idea".

Track listEdit

  1. Ambivalentidea
  2. Shiroku Yawaraka na Hana
  3. halo effect
  4. Ambivalentidea (instrumental)
  5. Shiroku Yawaraka na Hana (instrumental)
  6. halo effect (instrumental)

Ending animationEdit

The ending animation is a still image of a spent cartridge on the ground featuring at least two characters with a flickering fire on the right side. The scene starts out in colour but eventually transitions to black and white. The following characters are featured during the ending:

Characters Episode (s)
Jonah and Koko Hekmatyar 1, 2, 7, 12
Valmet and Lehm 3, 9, 11
Chinatsu and Shisho 4
Chiquita and Kasper Hekmatyar 5
Tojo, Wiley, Mao, R, Ugo, Lutz 6, 8, 10


Opening animationEdit

Jormungand - Ending (Jonah & Koko version)

Jormungand - Ending (Jonah & Koko version)

Music videoEdit

Ambivalentidea 45 second PV

Ambivalentidea 45 second PV

45 second version

Ambivalentidea 90 second PV

Ambivalentidea 90 second PV

90 second version

The music video features artwork by Yoshitsugi Yoshida focusing on the outline of a female figure around which various scenes play out. A 45 second version was posted to Youtube on May 15 followed by a 90 second version on June 5. A full length version has not been released.


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